Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays

Like most other people, I am very much in holiday mode and also in snowbird mode. I will not be adding any new posts until I land in Florida but I have some great ideas so stay tuned. Just one tip, use the holidays to talk to the relatives. Pick everyone's brain. You have no idea if you don't ask who has memories or knowledge that can help you out. Talk about old pictures, family get-togethers from older family member's childhood. This is a golden opportunity to get some great hints that can send you off in new directions. 

Happy Holidays to everyone and I will see you all the second week in January. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

NERGC 2017 Update

The lasted news from the NERGC is that registration for the conference is now open. Early birth pricing is in  effect until February 28, 2017. You can also download the 20 page conference brochure. Registration for the basic conference is $120 and then any additional meals or workshops are additional. The fee for registration after the early bird date is $150.

This year, I am finding that I really want to do Wednesday and some of the workshops, without any food my total came to $227 and I am thinking I want to attend at least one of the banquets.

This year a continental breakfast buffet is also offered at the conference center. At $14 that adds up quickly.

You can look at the brochure and see all the lectures that will be offered and all the other workshops etc. If you are planning to attend, this is the time to guarantee that you get any of the special things booked. You should have already reserved your hotel room at either the Marriott or the Sheraton. 

More updates will follow, look forward to seeing you there. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

England genealogy-Non-conformist registers

The non-conformist registers consist of a variety of non-traditional sources for information on people who didn't belong to the state sponsored religion in England, Scotland and Wales. 

In England for several hundreds of years, the Anglican Church or Church of England was the official religion of the realm. Since civil registration only began in 1836, when you are looking to trace your ancestors before that time, you will be using the baptism, marriage and burial records from the local church as your source. What if you don't find your ancestor where they are supposed to be living? 

It may be that they are baptized in a village nearby but another option is that they were not members of the church of England. These people are often referred to as non-conformists and the churches they may have attended probably kept records of their baptisms, marriages, and burials. Keeping in mind that Baptists don't do infant baptism. 

Sources included are Methodists, Wesleyans, Baptists, Independents, Protestant Dissenters, Congregationalist, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Quakers (Society of Friends), Dissenters and Russian Orthodox. Maternity Records. Overseas Records. Early Birth Registers plus various other BMD records. is a website that offers a searchable database of these records. I found it helpful to have another place to look for those elusive records.