Monday, June 20, 2016

Genealogy website:Townland of Origin

My most popular blog post ever was my one about dispelling Irish genealogy myths. I have Joe Buggy to thank for the seeds of that post. I thought that I would reintroduce him to you and tell you a little about his website, Townland of Origin. 

Joe is extremely knowledgeable about Irish genealogy especially when it comes researching from North America. Originally from Ireland he is now based in the Washington DC area. He is an author and writes a bi-monthly column in the Irish genealogy magazine Irish Lives Remembered

He is a popular speaker both in the United States and in Ireland and his website will keep you abreast of the latest things that are happening in Irish genealogy. It is one fascinating post after another and be prepared to spend a bit of time catching up on the posts you have missed.  

Most of us who are Irish have come up against the same brick wall on at least one line, trying to figure out where in Ireland our ancestor came from. Thus the title, the holy grail of Irish genealogy is the townland of origin. 

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