Monday, May 2, 2016

What You See on WDYTYA and Reality

I thought that seeing this weeks episode with Chris Noth was particularly interesting. Last September when Kathy and I were in Ireland we went to the same library in Cavan Town. While the staff member we talked to was friendly, she went back into the bowels of the building to talk to the archivist and then came out and told us there were no records to help us. 

No one sat at a table and gave us the stories of what Kathy's family might have lived through like they did for the star. This is what bothers me about this show, it is entertainment but isn't reality. You are not going to get private help, you are not going to get someone to do the work for you by sending the information. You are going to have to do it yourself. Unless you sign up for a very expensive genealogy tour. This is not reality TV it is fiction TV and it does all hardworking genealogist a disservice by making it look so easy. 

Now having said that, it made me think about what may be my own Cavan roots. Chris Noth's ancestor joined the British Army in Cavan. My DNA says I have Cavan roots, my ancestor William Maloney joined the British Army. I have no idea where he is from in Ireland but suddenly Cavan has become a real option. Which is why I watch WDYTYA, to get ideas and I accept that the I will be doing a lot more than flying here and there to find my story. 

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