Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What genealogists live for

I really wanted to share this with my fellow genealogists because it is what makes it all worthwhile. I broke down one of my brick walls today. For at least 20 years I have been looking for the ship that brought my grandmother to America. 

I know the year, it was 1891. That is the year before Ellis Island opened. What that means is the record should be at Castle Garden. Well it isn't. It is so frustrating. This is my grandmother not some distant ancestor. 

Today I was searching for things relating to my grandmothers brother George. I have a picture of him in a military uniform so I knew he was in the service. I found the record of his service from 1900 to 1903 on ancestry. I decided to just search his name in the immigration records to see if maybe I could find the family that way. 

Half way down the page, there is was, George Huns 1891 from Liverpool on the Teutonic. I look at the record and there found his father John Huns, John Huns 12, George Huns 11 and Edith 9. I can't tell you how exciting it was. The name was spelled incorrectly, it is really Hunns but it is obviously them.

This is actually taken in Liverpool

The Teutonic was a White Star steam ship built in Belfast in 1889. It was the same line that built the Titanic. They crossed the ocean in just 7 days leaving Liverpool on April 22, stopping in Queenstown Ireland on the 23 and arriving in New York on the 29th. I was even able to find a picture of the Teutonic.I read about the ship and I am sure they were in 3rd class but there were rooms with bunks for families so I am pretty sure that is what they would have had.

What changed as far as finding this information? Even knowing the name of the ship and the date I still can't find them on the immigration records of New York where I did find them was the departure information for England which has been updated.

Lesson to be learned, always keep looking for information even from sites you have visited before. Information gets added, things get updated and it can change so look again.

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  1. yay! Always good news to make such a breakthrough. Happy for you

  2. Thank you this was one of the finds that really made me the happiest.